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Thread: Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Aronian has a cunning idea in the rook ending, sack 2 pawns (g,h) to get f5,f6. Let's see if it works! Poor Moro (and me too!), he shouldn't give up the e pawn.

    We all are a bit of an artist, poet and fool!

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Aronian-Morozevich draw. Rybka came to senses just at the end! Leko is still clearly better but,doesn't seem to play the best moves. +1.44. After I discredited Zappa and Rybka so much... but this is not endgame!
    If Leko wins I'm still up 18, otherwise down 30:silly:
    Rybka improves on her own, +2.18 good news (sry Alyosha!), +2.28 14 minutes against 18. 14 against 11 and a blunder/trap from Grischuk (+3.60) Leko has to play h6, otherwise he might even lose in a few moves. It took him 3 minutes but he did, Black is hopeless now +4.47, +5.17 "only" 4.39 now but the queens are off, leko doesn't think in problem like mates with 8-2 minutes to go. +9 wow, Leko calculated better than Rybka. 1-0
    Thanks all who visit and endure these posts. If anybody wants to join me for the next rounds, we can make it like a live transmission! Level not so important, of course the higher the better. Pls send a private messagge!

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Hi again, my invitation above is still valid until tomorrow, 19h GMT (games start at 20h)
    We've got a WCh free day today.
    My prediction was not so good about Rybka-Zappa, as Rybka got crashed. Bad opening variation 15...Nc6 (most probably, she was out of book in that moment (15...Nd7! or even 15...d5!? are better). At first Rybka thought 16.d5 Nb4 17.Bb1 c4 is better for Black. She didn't discard 16...Ne5 either. After recalculation, didn't like any of those (although the former is enough muddy to get simplifications and possibly equality) and choose a "lesser evil" 16...Na5? In a few moves Black was lost. The rest of the game was just agony. Again bad opening variation, same as in the decisive game against "Shredder" in Turin 96, which allowed "Junior" to win the CCP championship. What do you think about a game which starts 1.e3 g6 2.f4 Nf6 3.b3 Bg7 4.Bb2 O-O 5.Nf3 Nc6 6.Bb5 a6 7.Bxc6 dxc6 ?

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Zapp also won game 4 with Black hmy:
    That was really a computers' game, 180 moves.
    Again Ruy Lopez. After some unintelligible exchanges they've got an equally uninteliigible position with unbalanced material. Rybka pretended nearly + 2 in her favour, although I think it was equal. Avoiding several occasions of 3-fold repetition, Rybka tryed on (Q+5p vs. 2R+B+p. Impossible to get 2 connected pp. Some trap set by Zappa and She Fishy bites the bait! +1, +0.8, 0 Now Rybka has the long desired 2 conn.pp but they are doomed to be blocked on W squares, then lost. The endgame 2R+B against Q can be played to perfection using the Nalimov Tables, but I think they are not allowed. Of course Rybka became "more objective" and settled for -0.8 but Zappa pushed in with the outmost meticulosity and precision, until a typical jump to -10 made it clear.
    A few more moves and Rybka pls, do not confound the playing Rybka with the evaluator Rybka, 2 distinct ladies on 2 distinct locations) began to see frightening mates in 23, limiting herself just to prolong the agony. In fact it was mate in 11.
    I'll give up commenting this match here and I'll join "poisonedpawn" at his related topic.

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Ok round9. They stopped the boring Ruy Lopez or Spanish Torture (Tartakower). Just one game, and that's not boring - Marshall Attack!
    Anand is very good on it (with W) Aronian and Leko (with B)
    Aronian switched from a previous game (he lost) against Anand, and the Indian with his usual ease at the board introduced some novelty. The white squares and W's underdevelopment don't look good but a pawn is a pawn is a pawn! On the other side, Rybka is coquetting with Vishy+pawn! (+0.08) This is next to nothing (and Vishy is married) but the pawn may queen some day! A Benoni sort of in Moro-Kramnik defying poisonedpawn's expectation for another Scotch (hey, who's smiling noisy out there? we're talking about openings!) sry, Scottish.
    Grischuk-Gelfand is a side line in Nimzoindian += and Leko seems to have lost his little advantage against Svidler in a Sicilian emphatically called The English Attack. That's a quite safe line for W and IMO it should be called "The English Defence against the Sicilian Attack."

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    A-A drew, just when Ana(liser) Rybka switched her eyes to Aronian (perhaps she follows my comments here and found out Anand's civil state!)
    Leko has small problems hmy: I was coward enough to NOT bet on him and on Moro who had a very good rates today.
    In Moscow is already tomorrow, a nonsense to go. Is it any place on Earth where's still yesterday (so I can and bet for today)? I'm still up if one of Grischuk-Gelfand wins. At the moment Ana Rybka prefers W(hite) (what a silly B!)
    Chance is a woman, only loves the young ones -Napoleon

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    The round 9 featured "first loss" for two players: Gelfand and Kramnik!
    Grischuk won technically. Gelfand allowed too many simplifications and found himself in an appaling rook endgame, with White dominating the whole board, 1-0. Leko succeeded to exchange his (weak) f3 pawn for the (also weak) e5 and build up a solid defence. Draw.
    Kramnik's position out of the opening (English) could not be bad, a Modern Benoni setup with a tempo more!
    But he neither likes nor trusts such positions. His tendency is to hold space and group together his pieces, which wasn't the case. Moro certainly did it on purpose, for a relatively small price (the tempo) pushed Kramnik into something he would rather play White. Poisonedpawn (I understood he is a fan of Moro, not of Scotch), compared his favourite with Fisher for uncompromising play. I'd rather compare him with Lasker ("the best move is not the best move, but the one which is most unpleasant to your opponent"). I'm sure Topalov would have managed the Black's position and possibly win, but Kramnik played 4 dubious moves in a row (16... to 19...) and his sense of long-term safety betrayed him in favour of short-term stingyness. After an imprecision by Moro (19.Bd2?!) he again had a very interesting exchange sac 19...b5!?) which Veselin would have played without thinking. After missing that, he never had another chance to level the game and his rook on a5 will become a very good "don't do that" example for handbooks. 1-0
    I finally got quits with the betting on this championship (due to Grischuk) and, after Aronian has agreed to a draw in a very comfortable position, can't see how Anand can miss this championship with 5 rounds to go.

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    It is quite late for a "live" transmission as 3 games ahve already finished. Svidler-Morozevich is still alive. Svidler maintains some remnants of his advantage due to centralization, but I think the game will be a draw. It was a Karo-Kan line where Black gives up castling. This looks suspicious to the newcommer, but it has the advantage of a good Q-side development and chances to get a better control over centre. Later both started to play convulsive and very risky moves. White's advantage looked important in one moment and he was a pawn up but, according to Rybka, he didn't play the best moves.
    It seems that both still want to win, what poisoned pawn said about Moro, fighting up to the end. Shvidler's answers very modestly, giving up his advantage and ofering a dead draw simplification. Moro did the sensible thing... accepted!
    Quite an inteesting round, in spite of the 3 draws.
    The 2 very important games for the table top: Kramnik-Anand and Gelfand-Leko also ended in draws.
    The first one was quite eventful, Kramnik was quite brave to play the anti-Moskow variation (in Semi-Slav) again, despite his opponent's good results and brilliant play in this line, e,g, 0-1 in Radjabov - Anand, Meinz 2006. The two were probably prepared up to the move 23 or more. Black got two pawns and a compact pawn structure for the exchange. His king was a bit more exposed but the Indian controlled the game skilfully. Some move by Kramnik in time pressure (before control) lost a tempo and Anand was probably better when the draw was agreed, but didn't want to take risks. Gelfand again played the Catalan with 10.Bd2 against Leko and managed a small advantage (15.Rd1 for natural that it looks, was a novelty) which gone by the dust on move 20.Bg5 when both 20.Nc6 and 20.Be7 would have kept it. The bishop sacrifice was forced (otherwise Boris would have been clearly worse) and the draw too. No change at the top: 1. Anand (+3) 2. Gelfand (+1) followed by a group of 50%eers!

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    In the sixth game Rybka repeated that variation from Ruy Lopez made popular by Kasparov-Karpov matches. again Q-sac (better say, W sacked many pieces for Q) and several pawns down. Zappa finds a safer way to equalize by giving up his bishop to get a strong passed pawn. Draw by perpetual check. Zappa leads 4-2 (I'm ashamed of my prediction after 2 games) 4 games to go.

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    Re:Mexico 2007 -a new pair comes in!

    Thanks for these updates and summaries, Subasis (I'm not following the games due to time constraints, so it's very interesting for me to read this)

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