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    What I have is a sequence of movement to be carried out on 32 square board [(sic chess board)]. I intend to make a piece (knight) touch all the 32 squares on the board without repeating any square. If I can do this for a particular position on the board then the end product will be one solution out of 32!/6! Permutation.In any case the algorithm is graphical. The piece must go 2 squares up or down (vertical) and one square left or right (horizontal). You can also do 2 squares left or right (horizontal) and one square up or down (vertically). The sequence will be continued until all the squares (32) on the board are touched.

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    An algorithm is a step by step solution of problem, it is a process or set of rules that are using to calculate or solve any problem in the computer, in the computer it is in binary code that make program easy and reliable.

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