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Thread: See my Chess Page

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    See my Chess Page

    See my Chess Page for interesting and unusual chess stuff plus reports on Tournaments I have played in. An article on Russian composer Prokofiev and Chess etc. http://petersmithschesspage.blogspot.com/<br><br>Post edited by: grebochess, at: 2020/11/05 19:33

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    See my Chess Page

    Nice page! I'm still browsing through it, but like what I've seen so far. I especially like that you pointed my awareness to the Chess flash viewer. I don't know how long it's been that I've been longing fer sumthin like that. Best of Luck to your Chess club.

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    Re:See my Chess Page

    Yeah the flash viewer is great. Glad you like the site.

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    Re:See my Chess Page

    I like the content, but I suggest to have a look at the game viewer for blogspot sites. You can find this at Chess Publishing. It enables you to add the moves and chess board integrated within the rest of the post.

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    Re:See my Chess Page

    Thanks, but I think the chess flash viewer works fine. FIDE use the same version on their official site too. Glad you liked the items though. When I play at Hastings I'll do daily tournament reports and add some photos.

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    Re:See my Chess Page

    The latest update to my Chess page is my analysis of Petrosian's favourite game. Hope you like it! See http://petersmithschesspage.blogspot.com

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    I like the pictures of the British Championship

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    please stay on topic
    Playing on many sites.

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