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Thread: dumb question

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    dumb question

    This thread discusses the Content article: dumb question

    The King has a cross, and the Queen has the spikes.

    We all have to learn these things -- not a dumb question at all.

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    Re:dumb question

    A Fine Thread,

    Seems to Me,

    That I read something
    about that somewhere.

    The reason(s) that chess
    pieces are shaped the way
    they are.

    Different parts of the globe
    different shapes , or differently
    shaped pieces .

    As an example :
    Example Only

    Meant to in no
    way offend anyone.

    But in some places
    the king piece does
    not have a "T" on top.

    I'll look into it.

    Reckon So,

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    Re:dumb question

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