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Developing Your Pieces Quickly!
Written by Administrator   
Monday, 18 September 2020 17:33

In the game of chess it is of extreme importance to move as many of your pieces to successful spots on the board as fast as possible. This goes for all pieces, including pawns. These spots on the board should allow you to attack or defend that position; safeguard that specific square on the board and give you control of the center. The reason it is stressed that this is done as quickly as possible is because losing tempo or a good move can cost you serious time, space on the board, mobility or the game.

The point to realize here is that, the person who develops his pieces faster will take most of the time take control of the game. If you do not want to fall into a trap in the beginning of the game then you should aim to develop your pieces as quickly as possible. Try and get your Knights and Bishops out and then castle the King to keep him protected. By getting your pieces to successful squares as quickly as possible, you are also slowing down or preventing the development of your opponent’s pieces. If you are playing with the White pieces then you have a slight advantage because you will have the first move, so you should be very aggressive and quick to move. If you are playing with the black pieces then you are in much more of a defensive position unless your opponent dwindles behind in their development. Either way you should still try and be quick and always be on the lookout for an attack and the ability to set up a strong defense.

Always try to develop your pieces to good positions. This is especially true if you are unfamiliar with your opponent’s strategy for opening or defense. You should aim to get your pawns to the center as quickly as possible to allow the release of your other pieces and try to block the development of your opponent’s pawns and pieces. It is very important to develop as quickly as possible to the center so that you will be able to attack and protect the central squares. It is a good idea to develop a piece with a threat that will force your opponent to try and defend it.

Finally one should try to try to develop your pieces first on the side where you are planning to castle the King. After you have had success in moving out your Knights and Bishops it would be a good idea to castle and then move a Rook on an open file is you can. Develop your Queen last and not too early or far away from the protection of your pieces. Bishops, Rooks and Queen should be developed in a way to threaten a more distant target. A good strategy is to move each piece at least one time in the opening so as to not lose tempo and leave not leave other pieces undeveloped.

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